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200 Elm Street
Birmingham, MI  48009

We Provide Urgent Care in Birmingham, Michigan

Birmingham Urgent Care is your trusted healthcare partner.

We care about you, your health and what’s best for your family. Many of our urgent medical and family care services are covered by most health insurance plans and we are open 7 days a week (and after hours) for your convenience. Our experienced team of professionals provides expert medical care including but not limited to:
  • Flu, cold, strept throat, earwax removal
  • UTI and urinalysis
  • Asthma management and Chest X-Rays
  • Lacerations repair and burn care
  • Sports injuries, X-Rays and splints
  • Skin rash
  • L&D abscess/cyst
  • Skin warts and foreign bodies removal
  • Minor eye procedures for corneal injuries
  • Testings for strep, flu, mono, glucose level, urinalysis and pregnancy are available onsite

The doctors at our Birmingham, MI urgent Care center are comfortable managing non-life threatening medical illnesses including Respiratory and ENT problems as well as Dermatological diseases and Orthopedic injuries. Our procedure room is equipped to perform sterile procedures like laceration repair (using stitches, glue or staples), skin lesion excision using local anesthesia as well as performing diagnostic eye procedures for minor ophthalmic conditions like corneal ulcers and foreign bodies in the eye. All ages are welcomed.

The CLIA waived laboratory is available onsite to provide quick testing for Urinalysis, Strept, Mono, stool hemoccult, Flu and RSV. Send-Out blood draws are referred to DMC and other labs. Occasionally patients are referred to Beaumont Hospital outpatient laboratory for blood draw.
 Injections are available onsite as well including antibiotics, steroids, and nausea medications. We also provide the Tetanus Toxoid. Simple oral medications are also provided in house like Motrin and Tylenol mainly to kids with fever or febrile illnesses.

Digital Radiology (X-Rays) is part of our daily routine and is available at Birmingham Urgent Care. The views are read by the Doctor on staff and then referred to a radiologist for confirmation. Other radiological procedures like ultra sound, MRI and Cat scans (C-T Scan) are referred to the local hospitals or local affiliated out-patient radiologist and normally testing is done within two business days.

Life-threatening illnesses are referred to ER via EMS which usually arrives to the location in 5 minutes.
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